Home Based Business – Why Network Marketing is So Popular

Developing a home based business is a dream of many people around the world today. The personal and financial freedom of being your own boss is something we all reach for. There are many benefits associated with working from or at home. Personal freedom and Time freedom are just a couple.There are many small enterprises designed to be run from a home base. Franchise operations are more popular now than ever before, they have proven to be a good choice for people with minimal or no business experience to tap into a working system and build a business based around someone else’s idea.There are many types of businesses that can be operated from home or with a home base. Lawn mowing and gardening operations, accounting and book keeping, mobile mechanics and dog washing services are all common businesses that can be presented in a franchise based home enterprise mode.Home based business in Australia is expanding rapidly. According to the Business Victoria Website (as at June 2010), home based businesses represent 62% of small businesses in Victoria and this is growing at a rate of 3% per year since 2001.The down side to starting a home based enterprise and likely the number one reason why people decide not to, would be the, often huge, expense involved. This is where Network Marketing’s popularity comes into play.  Network Marketing gives anyone the opportunity to develop a home based business without the typical costs usually associated with establishing a business from home.A typical Network Marketing Business can be started for less than $500, sometimes as low as $100. With products, marketing materials and business start up expenses you could easily be in Business for less than $1000.A typical Franchise Business model run from home would cost around $30,000 and you would have ongoing compulsory input costs to the Franchisor.Compared to a Network Marketing Option Franchise based businesses seem financially out of reach to the average family trying to get ahead. Network marketing delivers a system similar to franchise businesses at a reduced cost.Starting a Network marketing venture gives you the opportunity to build a business part time will still working your main income source or day job. This option is not usually available when buying a traditional business, as you have to hit the road hard to produce immediate income to support the high start up costs.Network Marketing Businesses are also more family friendly allowing a couple and their kids to work together if and when they want to.In summary, Network Marketing is a popular home based business option because:
The start-up costs are very low and easily at the reach of most families.
You can build the business part time while still maintaining your regular day job.
Families are able to work together towards a common, individual or shared goal.

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